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Fees for Crypto-Companies

Fees for the companies work in the field of crypto-activity, such as crypto-exchanges, crypto-wallets, custody platforms, DeFi platforms, ICO and IDO managers, and any other crypto-projects.

Operating Services

Description of Service
Fee from
Extending the terms of hibernation (freezing) of a crypto-license
Appealing a revoked cryptocurrency license in FIU
Appealing revoked cryptocurrency licenses in court (Estonia)
Update of existing licenses (in accordance with the requirements of 2022)
The prices above don't include VAT


Description of Service
Fee from
Registration of residence on the territory of Estonia, for non-resident Board Members
Compliance (AML/KYC) officer, a responsible person for the cases of AML/CFT (for 1 month, Net)
Ultimate package: Compliance (AML/KYC) officer, Board Member (resident of Estonia), Rent of the real office space in Tallinn for the activity of crypto-company (for 1 month, Net)